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Learn more about preserved flowers and plants

100% natural flowers.

The plants and flowers pass through a process preserving their texture, freshness and beauty with out water or light.

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Preservation Advantages

100% Natural

All our products are natural, flowers, foliage, leaves, etc.

Long Lasting

Our products will last more than 2 years maintaining their freshness and beauty.


Our products generate a considerably lower carbon footprint than fresh or artificial flowers.

Variety and Uses

We have a wide variety of products, which can be used in many ways and many uses

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Flower Care Tips

With minimal care, enjoy your preserved flowers and plants for years. With these simple tips, you can maintain the color, shape and texture:

Do not put any water or fertilizer on it.

All our products have undergone a preservation process where they do not need water and water will damage them.

Keep them away of humid places or environments.

Always keep them in places with less than 80% humidity.

Keep away from the sun.

Do not put them directly exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods, it will damage the flower and discolor it.

Clean the flowers.

Use them indoors to protect the flower from wind, dust and strong sunlight.

Treat the flowers gently.

You should not press, bend or squeeze the flowers, dust them gently once in a while with a tissue.

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